Preventative Maintenance for Slot Machines & VGTs in Illinois

It’s A Big Problem When Slot Machines Break Down

Slot Machine Maintenance

Imagine an evening at your Illinois gaming business. Customers are playing VGTs and having a good time while the slot machine games make you money. Then, suddenly, a VGT malfunctions.

Now, nobody’s happy. You certainly aren’t because now the slot machine isn’t producing any revenue anymore. The customer isn’t because he or she is no longer having fun. Maybe that individual will patronize somebody else’s slot machine business in the future.

Fortunately, this sad situation is largely avoidable. You can keep it from happening by making sure your Illinois slot machines receive regular preventative maintenance.

The Best Preventative Maintenance for Slot Machines & VGTs

Preventative maintenance is the care you give a piece of equipment to keep it from breaking down or falling into disrepair. When you change the oil and filter in your car even though it’s running fine, that’s preventative maintenance.

It’s only human to feel a bit of reluctance to spend money on preventative maintenance for slot machine games (or any other machinery) when, for the moment, they’re working all right. But biting the bullet and providing the maintenance anyway produces three big benefits.

Preventative Maintenance Catches Video Game Malfunction Before It Starts

Once slot games break down, customers can’t play them, and the slot machines have to come off the floor for repair. While they’re out of service, they don’t earn you any money,

But a qualified, experience technician performing preventative maintenance will discover the developing problem before the slot machine fails. It’s likely the technician will be able to correct it with just a minor adjustment, and then the machine will never have to leave the floor.

Preventative Maintenance on Your VGT Eliminates Lost and Wasted Time

Once slot machines are well and truly broken, the tools and parts required to fix them may not be immediately available. Thus it takes longer to fix the slot machine games and get them back into service.

Because preventative maintenance catches problems early, the maintenance technician can foresee the need for tools and parts that aren’t immediately available and make sure they’re obtained. No time and revenue will be lost while you wait for them to arrive.

Of course, even when the right tools and parts are available, there’s some inevitable lag time between when a machine breaks down and you call for service and the technician shows up at your slot machine business. Preventative maintenance eliminates this delay as well.

Preventative Maintenance Saves You Money

The bottom line is that, even though it’s not free, preventative maintenance on your slot machines saves you money in the long run. The maintenance is likely to be cheaper than repairing a broken slot game would be, and you won’t lose money because a slot machine is out of service. Thus it’s only sensible to make this investment in your Illinois slot machine business.

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