Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions provided for establishment owners. Universal Gaming Group is here to provide you with the answers you need. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any further questions you may have!

General Questions

Why Universal Gaming Group?

Universal Gaming Group, (“UGG”), is a premier Video Gaming Operator in Illinois; with decades of experience in the Amusement, Entertainment and Logistic industries. UGG has the knowledge to guide our partner establishments through the often complex regulatory nature of the industry in order to ensure success. UGG’s marketing program is aimed at driving profitability and drawing players into our partner establishments, which increases both the video gaming and overall Establishment revenue. UGG’s proprietary dispatch system allows us to spot and rectify issues with the VGTs, (“Video Gaming Terminals”) and (“RT’s”), redemption terminals to ensure continuity of play. Our staff maintains a close relationship with the Illinois Gaming Board, (“IGB”), and will assist your establishment throughout the course of the licensing process.

How Do I Qualify?

In order to qualify the following must apply:

  • Your Establishment must be located within a municipality that has opted-in for Video Gaming.
  • You must hold a valid liquor license to pour, draw, mix and serve liquor on premises.
  • All Establishment owners must have a background free and clear of any felony offenses, any convictions of moral turpitude and must never have been convicted of any gambling offense in any jurisdiction.
  • You must be current on all State and Federal taxes, and all owners must be current on any child support payments, if applicable.

How Much Can I Make?

Some of our Establishments have made as much as $20,000 in the course of one month. We cannot guarantee the amount of revenue your establishment will make, but we will provide you with advice as to how to make your gaming operation as profitable as possible.

What Does It Cost Me?

Establishments are required to assume certain costs; any fee for the fingerprinting of the establishment’s ownership, the $100 annual IGB License Fee, half of any fee charged by a municipality for the VGTs, and half of the per-VGT tax the IGB charges on each machine.

How many video gaming terminals will be allowed at each site?

The Video Gaming Act currently sets the maximum number of machines at six per establishment.

How long does it take for an establishment to be licensed?

Typically, the licensing process takes anywhere from three to four months. In rare cases, Establishments have been licensed in three weeks after application has been submitted, though some Establishments have waited as long as nine months for licensure. The length of time is determined by the complexity of the application, the background of the owners, the availability of the owners and IGB agents for inspection purposes, and the timing of the application submission relative to the next IGB meeting. Therefore, the sooner you start the process the better.

Why should I add video gaming to my establishment?

Experience has shown that Gaming draws additional patrons to any establishment where it is installed. Our partner establishments have not only realized additional revenue from video gaming, but also have seen their food and beverage revenue increase due to providing patrons the additional entertainment.

How do you assist during the application process?

Our sales agents ensure you have all the required paperwork that must be submitted to the IGB and stand ready to answer any questions you may have. Our staff will be in constant contact with you throughout the process and let you know what steps you must take to ensure that your application proceeds without delay.

How frequently do gaming licenses need to be renewed?

Your Video Gaming License must be renewed annually. The IGB will send you an email reminder of when your annual license fee is due. You must also annually update your application with any changes in information previously submitted to the IGB. UGG, as your Operator, will also provide you with reminders to assist in keeping you in compliance with IGB rules and regulations.

When and how do I get paid from having gaming machines at my establishment?

UGG offers monthly, bi-monthly and weekly payments of your Establishment’s share of Video Gaming Revenue via direct deposit.

Does my town allow gaming?

You may find out if Video Gaming is permissible in your town at, or by contacting your town clerk.

Response and Protocol to COVID?

We at Universal Gaming Group follow every safety guideline to make sure Video Slots stay running at each of our locations. When businesses started back up we provided each location with a kit that included hand sanitizer, face masks, and a cleaning solution to clean each VGT after every usage. We also installed dividers between each machine to protect players from others around them while they play. Our own technicians follow strict cleaning habits and wipe down machines when they go in to service a location for everyone’s safety. We plan to maintain compliance as it changes so everyone can continue playing and businesses can remain open.

Service and Support

Do you service the entire state of Illinois?

UGG has the ability to service the entire State of Illinois. Our primary operations centers are located within two hours of even the most remote locations.

What happens if one of my machines is down or is broken? What is the response time?

Our 24-hour service line brings the issue to the attention of our dispatch center. Most issues are able to be fixed remotely, however in the event that we must dispatch one of our field technicians, he will be at your door within an hour or less, depending on the Establishment’s hours of operation.

Do you provide Marketing and advertising support?

UGG has expert marketing and graphic design professionals on staff to assist you with all of your marketing needs. Marketing and Promotions are subject to applicable limits per IGB rules and regulations. Please review the IGB’s policy on inducements, advertising, and promotions for further guidance. You may find this at

Will I have a point of contact if I ever needed non-technical support?

You will have a dedicated Territory Manager to address any of your concerns or questions. Additionally, any staff member is more than happy to assist you with any aspect of the Video Gaming Operation.

How is the cash in the VGTs and payout device managed and handled?

All VGTs are connected to the central communications center, where all video gaming revenue is tracked and monitored. Our collectors will visit your establishment at least once each week to collect from the VGTs and replenish the Redemption Terminal, which also serves as an ATM.

Performance and Profit

How will I know how well I am performing?

UGG currently provides reports with your revenue payment via mail, e-mail, and text message depending on your preference. You will have the ability to review the activity at your establishment through UGG’s online Establishment portal. Additionally, your Territory Manager is more than happy to provide you with up-to-date information regarding your VGT operations and provide you with advice on how to boost your revenue.

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