IGB Underage Compliance Checks

IGB Underage Compliance Checks: The Current Situation

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The Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) recently filed emergency rules with the Illinois Secretary of State to allow for and govern standard operating procedures for agents to check locations for underage gambling. (IGB Underage Compliance Checks) The checks will occur on an annual basis, or more frequently if deemed necessary. In a nutshell, agents will be making sure locations are following the proper procedures, and the IGB filing strongly suggests a heightened enforcement effort to ensure that only adults 21 or older are playing on VGTs.

Please Make Sure Your Illinois Video Gaming Business Is Within IGB Underage Compliance Checks

First, it’s a wise idea to develop a thorough familiarity with the law: individuals under 21 years of age are not permitted to play on your VGTs. Period.

As you’ve probably realized, it’s not enough for you and you alone to know the law. It’s prudent to make sure your employees understand it as well and that they’re following the proper procedures to make sure your Illinois video gaming business is in compliance. In essence, this is a matter of faithfully checking the IDs of individuals seeking to enter the gaming area. If those individuals are under 21, your staff can’t allow them access to the video gambling machines. Please make sure they don’t.

If you find out there have been underage gambling, please report it promptly to local law enforcement and state officials.

Universal Gaming Group Can Help With IGB Underage Compliance

Universal Gaming Group is committed to full compliance with all IGB regulations to help the Board create a safe gaming environment. We invite our customers to contact us for guidance or with any questions or concerns.

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