How To Obtain an Illinois Gaming License

Many Illinois establishments would like to access the lucrative revenue stream of knowing how to obtain an Illinois gaming license. To do so, the establishment owner must be qualified and apply with the Illinois Gaming Board.

Established in 1990 after the passage of the Riverboat Gambling Act, the Illinois Gaming Board seeks to provide for the integrity of all forms of gambling by regulating gaming in all its aspects including the provision of gambling licenses. To accomplish this, the Board undertakes a mandatory and thorough background check of anyone seeking an Illinois gaming license.

Background Check for an Illinois Gaming License

A review of public records of crimes and felonies including domestic disputes, unsettled debts, and misdemeanors.

Audits of both the owners of the gaming establishment and the member of the staff.

All applicants for a video gaming license must undergo a thorough background check and includes a fingerprint screen.

Essentially, the board wants to make sure you are an honest and ethical person with the necessary knowledge to run a successful business. Because they are erring on the side of caution, even seemingly minor mistakes can prevent an application from going through. But fortunately, you don’t have to face the complicated application process alone. We at Universal Gaming Group are here to help.

How to Get Your Illinois Gaming License

Universal Gaming Group will work with you through the process of securing your gaming license. In fact, our IL terminal operators provide help even after the Board approves the application. We are a full-service operator, who will provide your location with the best equipment, ensure your location remains in compliance with changing laws and regulations, and assist your location with marketing plans. Step by step, our process looks like this:

obtain your state and local LIQUOR LICENSE

First, we research your municipality to see if it has opted in and gambling is allowed there. Assuming that it is, we look at all the local requirements to make sure you meet them. (You can also check out your area yourself by going to


Second, a member of our team will meet with you at your establishment to start the application process for your Illinois gaming license eligibility and help you determine the optimal set-up for your slot machines. Everyone whose name is on the application then will need to be fingerprinted by a state-approved fingerprinting vendor.

Prepare for Inspection

Third, we’ll help you prepare for the mandatory inspection by the Illinois Gaming Board and make sure you have all the documents the Board will need to see. (The Board will also need to see exactly where the slot machines will be installed.)

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