Who’s Eligible for an Illinois Gaming License?

Eligibility For Illinois Gaming License InfoIllinois Gaming License

In an average month in 2018, Illinois slot machine industry generated more than $100 million in gross revenue. That’s a lot of money, and upon reading this, you may wonder if your business could install casino slots.

The answer lies with the Illinois Video Gaming Act of 2009 as enforced by the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB). The Illinois Video Gaming Act allows for locations to be licensed for up to five slot games provided the owner of the business and any staff pass an extensive background check. But the establishment itself must pass two tests as well. It has to be in an eligible municipality, and it has to be the proper sort of establishment to obtain an Illinois Gaming License.

Slot Machines and the Proper Area

As per Illinois law, municipalities are able to decide for themselves whether or not they will allow slot games. Some towns have indeed opted out, and if yours is one of them, you simply can’t apply for an Illinois gaming license.

You can check to see whether a particular Illinois municipality has opted in or out by following this link: https://www.igb.illinois.gov/videoprohibit.aspx

Slot Machines and the Proper Establishment

In addition to being located in a municipality that permits them, casino slots are only legal in one of three types of establishment:

  • Pouring establishments. These are retail businesses that are open to the public and have on-premises liquor licenses that allow for the sale and drinking of alcohol in bars, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, etc.
  • Truck stops. This designation covers any facility with separate diesel stands, parking spaces for commercial vehicles, and a 3-acre lot provided the business sells more than 10,000 gallons of diesel a month. It can include convenience stores.
  • Veteran’s and Fraternal Organizations. These are eligible provided the organization possesses a national charter.

For more information about this and other aspects of obtaining an Illinois gaming license, please consult the Illinois Gaming Board’s FAQ: https://www.igb.illinois.gov/VideoFAQ.aspx

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