Why Porter’s Pub Made the Switch To Universal Gaming Group

When Ryan Porter, owner of Tamaroa, IL neighborhood favorite Porter’s Pub started thinking about switching to a new Terminal Operator for his gaming business, he had one priority in mind. “It’s simple,” says Porter. “Service.”

After several years with another company, Porter started seeing a decline in service, and profits. 

“We had four or five machines. One of them was broken for a month and they never got it going again. That impacted our players, and our profits. Then, when our Account Manager retired, her replacement didn’t give us as much attention. It all sort of started going downhill from there.”

After speaking with one of Universal Gaming Group’s Account Managers, Porter soon realized that it was a good time to make a switch. 

“When we did go with them, everything they said was going to happen, happened. Switching was easy. It was a one day process, with hardly any downtime, quick and simple. They took care of everything. 

“We got newer, updated machines. Dave, our rep, said we were going to have all 6 machines as soon as we were able to by law, and we did. Our numbers have gone up. People have played more since we got more up-to-date games. I’m happy that we’re making more profit, and the players are happier playing the new machines.”

Aside from helping Porter’s Pub operate at full capacity, Porter says that regular maintenance has been a big factor in sticking with Universal Gaming Group.

“They’ve been great. In a perfect world, everything runs smoothly all the time. But these are machines, right? And sometimes machines break. When they do, we reach out and they’re here almost instantly and we’re up and running in an hour or two. And the guys that come out to do the work are super friendly, like they’ve known you forever. They come in and get their work done but they take time to visit with us.”

But it’s more than fixing things when they break, says Porter. He feels that he’s gained a true partner for his business.

“They pay attention to how the business is performing. Every quarter, our Account Manager sits down with us to review everything from top to bottom–from what machines are performing or underperforming, to our overall income and how we might do better. At the end of the day,  if I need anything, our rep goes above and beyond to do anything for us, which I assume he does for everybody. They’re good people.”

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