How to Scale Your Business With Illinois Video Gaming Revenue

What Is Illinois Gaming Revenue?

Illinois is poised to become a gaming Mecca. The State & IGB has authorized five new casinos, with 4000 gaming positions at the Chicago casino and 2000 gaming positions at all others. Eventually, there’s going to be a new racetrack, a new megacasino, and sports betting. From the State’s perspective, it’s easy to see the reason for all this expansion. By increasing Illinois gaming revenue through activities like sports betting, this activity alone is expected to generate $200 million in Illinois licensing fees all by itself.

At licensed bars, restaurants, truck stops, and veteran and fraternal organizations, Illinois now allow six video gaming terminals (VGTs) per establishment. New legislation allows licensed, designated “large truck stops” to have up to ten VGTs. What. a great way to scale and build extra Illinois gaming revenue for your business!

Illinois gaming has improved in other respects as well. Players can now place a $4 max bet, they can win up to $1199 on just one hand, and coming soon, progressive jackpots in a single location will be allowed to go as high as $10,000. Moreover, Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) agents no longer have to be physically present for routine maintenance and repairs, making repair projects, and general maintenance easier and quicker to complete.

We hope you’re getting your fair share of this gambling bonanza. Assuming that you are, you may be wondering what to do with all your new VGT revenue. We recommend you reinvest at least a portion into enhancing your gaming operations. Here are some suggestions.

Invest in Digital Marketing

For many people, the smartphone plays an important role in their decisions to purchase. 82% of smartphone users look for information on their phones before buying something, and 45% of smartphone users check online reviews before buying. You can use your Illinois gaming revenue to make sure you have an effective online presence and that your business’s favorable reviews are on prominent display.

A Google My Business presence will give smartphone and computer users ready access to your business’s location, hours, current promotions and specials, and an abundance of other information. Google My Business allows you to post pictures, garner reviews, and interact with customers and potential customers in general.

Similarly, you can promote your VGTs and the rest of your business on Google Ads and Facebook Ads. These allow you to both reach a broad audience and target specific demographics. Google Ads offers the additional advantage of being pay per click (PPC.) That means you only pay when someone clicks on the ad.

Finally, you can maximize the effectiveness of your digital marketing by availing yourself of the latest in search engine optimization (SEO).

Upgrade Your Video Gaming Room

In order to increase Illinois gaming revenue for your establishment, you need to be seen. Is the gaming area in plain view of others? Players may have a more pleasurable experience if you give them more privacy.

You can add to their enjoyment by enhancing the features and functionality of the space as well. TVs, phone chargers, side tables, additional chairs, improvements to the audio system, AC, heating, lights, windows, flooring, and even the humble cup holder can all be worthwhile additions.

Upgrade Behind the Bar

Your revenue from Illinois video gaming affords you the opportunity to expand your drink menu. The improved selection is likely to bring in a larger after-work crowd and supper crowds.

Expand the Food Selection

You can use the proceeds from your video slot machines to offer new menu items. The added choices can give you a leg up on competitors who are merely offering the same old same old.

We hope this information has opened your eyes to all the possibilities of Iincreeasing IL gaming revenue for your establishment.. If you’re interested in adding more Illinois gaming revenue to your business or are wanting to know who’s eligible for a video gaming license, we invite you to contact Universal Gaming Group today. We’re committed to faithful compliance with all IGB regulations and working with the Board to create a safe gaming environment and look forward to working with you.

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