VGT GAME REVIEW: Smash the Pig!

Smash the Pig VGT Video Game Review

Smash the Pig is a new slot game by Spielo. This unique title may just be your lucky break. Have fun smashing the piggy banks as you are entertained by the cute piggies and a soundtrack that will have your head bopping. This simple VGT slot game may not offer all the glamour of many other slots, but you are sure to have a cracking good time as you break open piggy banks to reveal hidden prizes.

High-Quality Visuals

The game opens to a sunny day on a farm; the perfect background for a slot game! Only one word can describe the animation: adorable. Same goes for the bright colors: vibrant green grass and a clear blue sky. They all present the farmyard theme well and there is no doubt that you will find the level of detail within this game remarkable. The makers of this game have truly thought about the graphics. Throughout this game, there is an abundance of intricate details. While the theme of a pig farm may not be the most creative, the visual performance more than makes up for it.

User-Friendly Interface

Smash the Pig features one of the most user-friendly interfaces around. Not only does the interface match the game theme exceptionally, it also features easy navigation and gameplay, all put together in a perfectly organized fashion. The display helps to remind you of how many lines you are playing. It also displays your winnings total once the spin has ended.

You can stop a reel by touching the screen or stop all reels by pressing the onscreen Stop button or mechanical play button. This game offers up to a $2.00 maximum bet.

How to Play

Smash the Pig has 5-reel slots and 25 pay lines. Smash the Pig has two features: the Pig Scatter and the Pig Smashing Bonus. The Piggy Banks are scatter symbols that will activate the Pig Scatter feature if you manage to land a three or more.

During the Pig Scatter bonus, the pigs stand next to each other. Once you select a piggy bank from the line-up, it will get smashed, revealing a hidden award.

The second feature, Pig Smashing Bonus, is triggered when three or more scattered bonus trigger symbols land on-screen. Each bonus trigger symbol contains a random amount of luck that will add up in the Luck Meter. As you start to smash the pigs on the screen, they will reveal various prizes of different multipliers. Each smash will also decrease the amount of luck in the Luck Meter. If you have anything remaining in your Luck Meter after all five pigs are smashed, new pigs will run onto the screen. The bonus ends when your Luck Meter runs out.

Final Impressions

Unlike many other slot games, Smash the Pig does not rely on glitz and glamour to grab your attention. This game’s appeal lies in its adorable animation and fun style. Smash the Pig has been created to be user-friendly, with you in mind. Now go and have a smashing good time!

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