Cashout Vouchers Can Boost Slot Machine Business

Use Cashout Vouchers to Boost Your Slot Machine Business

Cashout Vouchers

What Is A Cashout Voucher?

For the owner of many an Illinois slot machine business, the answer to that question is simple. A cashout voucher is the little piece of paper that allows a slot games winner to collect his or her winnings. And that’s it.

But some savvy slot machine operators have figured out that a cashout voucher can be more. It can be a marketing tool that provides promotion and draws in new customers for your slot games establishment. Here are some ways you can make it do that.

Put Up a “Ticket Tips” Bucket for Customers Who Don’t Cash Out

Some customers don’t bother to cash their slot machine winnings if the amount is modest as it can often be. Enabling them to conveniently tip your employees instead makes them feel good about themselves and helps to establish a bond with your personnel and establishment. Naturally it benefits your employees as well. They divide up the tips at shift’s end based on the number of hours each of them worked.

Put Up a “Ticket Donation” Bucket for Cashout Vouchers

As the Ticket Tips Bucket encourages patrons to tip the staff, the Ticket Donation Bucket makes it easy for them to donate their winnings to charitable causes. Ticket Donation Buckets often go up around the holiday season.

Collecting money for charity is a worthwhile endeavor for its own sake, but once again, you’ll reap the side benefit of helping players feel good about themselves, which will in turn foster good feelings about your slot machine business. Meanwhile, the knowledge that you’re supporting a good cause is likely to draw in some new patrons.

Post Photos and Videos of Cashout Vouchers on Social Media

Ideally, post images of happy winners displaying their cashout vouchers for big sums of money. If that’s impractical for any reason, then images of the cashout vouchers alone can also draw in new customers to your slot games business.

As with any social media endeavor, persistence and consistency are important. It’s great if you can put up a new image every day.

Just remember that not everyone wants to be on social media. Always respect customers’ wishes if they’re reluctant.

They won’t all be reluctant, though, and then you’ll wan to make the most of the opportunity. If it’s a holiday, an image that reflects that will seem fresh and stand out from the previous ones. It’s good to show your company logo, too, and to add a caption urging others to play because any of them could win big, too.

Make A Wall of Big Winnings

Don’t throw out cashout vouchers once the players have collected substantial winnings. Put the vouchers on the wall to show everyone just how often people win big at your slot machine business. You can create this inexpensively with just corkboard and pins, and the display will encourage old players and entice new ones who may have simply come in to visit your bar or restaurant.

Hold a Sweepstakes at Your Slot Machine Business

You can thank your slot games players and encourage customer loyalty by organizing a sweepstakes with cashout vouchers as the entry forms. Just bear in mind that to be legal, your sweepstakes must also have a free method of entry.

The takeaway here is that if you’re using cashout vouchers as cashout vouchers and nothing more, you’re wasting an opportunity. Why not put them to additional productive use?

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