Top Amusements to Increase Revenue for Bars and Restaurants

How to Entertain Your Customers and Grow Profits

Bar and restaurant owners are always on the hunt for new ways to entertain their customers. And for good reason. When customers are entertained, they stay longer. They order more food and beverages and make repeat visits. It all adds up to higher profits and more resources to invest back into the business. One tried-and-true way to do that is by offering various amusements–revenue drivers in themselves, and a proven way to keep customers coming back and extending their stays.

Universal Amusement Group has been providing and managing amusements for Illinois bars and restaurants for more than a decade. Here are some of our most popular, and what makes them perfect for just about any location.

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A wide selection of music in your bar or restaurant lifts spirits. Happy customers stay longer, order more drinks and food and, most importantly, they come back for more. Modern, self-serve music players like TouchTunes allow customers to play their favorite music from every generation right from their phones. Bar and restaurant owners can also program their own lists and control what can or cannot be played to maintain the vibe of their establishment. One of Universal Gaming Group’s services is a feature where bar and restaurant owners can choose from a multitude of channels for ongoing background music.


One of the most popular multiplayer amusements, shuffleboard (sometimes called shufflepuck)  is a miniature version of classic shuffleboard. It takes a moderate amount of skill but is easy enough for anyone to play, young or old. Shuffleboard is a destination game–people will seek out establishments that offer it, and newcomers will remember where they can play it. It’s a great opportunity to differentiate your bar or restaurant. Shuffleboard takes up a moderate amount of space but they fit nicely up against a wall (tables can be up to 22 feet long, but smaller options are available, down to 9 feet).


An all-time favorite, darts is a high-skill game and a favorite among enthusiasts. Dart boards are fantastic option for bars and restaurants looking to create customer loyalty. In-house dart leagues are a great way to create repeat customers and steady business, and there are even options to play online with teams from all over the world. Many vendors, including Universal Gaming Group, can help manage leagues and competitions. Another attractive feature of dart boards are their small footprint, meaning they are easy to include in smaller spaces.

Claw Machines

Family-focused businesses can entertain both kids and adults with the classic claw machine. Kids love the challenge and the rewards that claw machines offer, and adults love the distraction it provides while they catch up with friends. Claw machines also take up very little space on the floor so they can be installed in just about any area where customers tend to gather with their families.


A true generation-spanning amusement, pinball has stood the test of time and continues to be one of the most popular options for any bar or restaurant. Pinball provides a true feast for the senses with great music, fun animations and fast action. And with an incredible variety of titles–from movies to famous rock bands–business owners can provide a classic entertainment experience that matches perfectly with their customers’ personalities.

Pool Tables

For businesses seeking to provide a classic pub experience, there is no better amusement than the pool table. Pool tables provide a leisurely experience for novices and enthusiasts alike while those who play tend to spend ample time conversing and, of course, ordering food and drinks while they play. Pool tables require a fairly large footprint, so this amusement is best suited for bars and restaurants with plenty of space–even better if the establishment can dedicate an entire room for the quintessential pool table experience.

Arcade Games

The competitive and nostalgic nature of arcade games are perfect for bars and restaurants, where people look to escape the everyday. Arcade games are also one of the most universal forms of entertainment, appealing to a diverse demographic, attracting families, individuals and groups of friends. One of the most popular arcade games in recent years, Golden Tee, is known to draw people from miles around and there are even Golden Tee leagues that can create a built-in, loyal customer base.

In a landscape filled with competition and slim profit margins, local bars and restaurants face the challenge of attracting new customers, retaining loyal ones, and encouraging longer stays with increased food and beverage orders. Amusements can do it all while directly contributing to revenue. A well-balanced selection of amusements can transform a bar or restaurant, elevating it from just another business to a distinctive destination, creating a unique environment that sets it apart in the crowded market.

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