Service Comes First with Clayton Rodekamp and UGG

This week, we wanted to uncover how Universal Gaming Group maintains such a high level of customer service. How do we solve problems, work with partners, and keep players excited to play? We sat down with Clayton Rodekamp, UGG’s Field Service Manager, to get an inside look at more than a decade of service.

Tell us about your role at Universal Gaming Group.

I started at UGG 11 years ago, in October of 2012, which happened to coincide with the first ever “go live” in the State of Illinois. So I’ve been fortunate to see the industry develop and grow since the beginning. I’ve kind of seen it all, which has been really helpful as I’ve taken on the role of being the main point of support for our team of techs.

How do you support UGG partners and their businesses?

Overall, I think of myself as a professional problem-solver. 

My most active role is keeping the gaming machines functioning properly so that players continue to have a great time and businesses experience as little down time as possible. I also ensure that our machines get regular updates–from optimizing performance to installing new game titles. Altogether, this keeps it fun and engaging for players, and helps businesses maximize their revenue potential. 

Although technical work is my main focus, my decade-plus experience throughout the industry means I can help beyond that–from helping customers design their optimal floor layout to sharing tips on increasing player enjoyment.

What are some of the most common issues you solve for our partners?

Machines aren’t perfect and will experience some trouble now and then. The state’s system might experience a problem installing a new update or a game might glitch. Sometimes vouchers don’t cash out properly. When issues like this happen, I will get the call, log into the Redemption Terminal remotely or remotely power cycle a game, and often have the problem resolved in minutes. The ability to solve an issue remotely and quickly is a huge benefit for our players and our partners. 

Another issue we hear about occasionally is customers claiming that they lost their money somewhere in the establishment. In this case, I can contact our IT company to view the camera footage so I can call the business owner back to explain exactly what happened. I think they appreciate that we’re looking out for them. I love hearing someone smile over the phone, and knowing that I alleviated their stress.

What makes UGG different from other gaming companies?

Across the company, we all have a common goal of seeing our partners succeed. We care about them and we care about the players because they are all part of our larger community. 

I credit our success with being good listeners and taking pride in our work. No matter what the issue is, we’re going to solve it with a personal and thoughtful response. 

Our attitude is that we aren’t just the best–we’re the best for you.

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