Guide To Obtaining an Illinois Liquor License

A Liquor License Means More Money

Illinois Liquor License

You may well have decided you want an Illinois liquor license. Serving alcohol can produce more revenue in and of itself, and additionally, having a state-granted Retailer’s liquor license is a necessary precondition for obtaining an Illinois gaming license from the Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) and turning your establishment into a slot machine business.

Getting your Retailer’s License can seem like a somewhat complex and bewildering process. Here, then, is a guide to help you through and to find out who’s eligible.

Your Liquor License Starts with Your Municipality

Before you can get an IL alcohol license, you’ll need to get one from your local municipality. It’s difficult to specify exactly what will be involved in this because every municipality is different with its own costs and qualifications.

Fortunately, the specifics aren’t hard to find. By making a phone call or checking out a website, you can find out what sort of local alcohol permit you need to obtain on your way to an Illinois Retailer’s liquor license and the requirements and costs to procure one.

Once you have your local alcohol license, it’s time to apply to the State. You can find the application here:

Your License Comes from the Illinois Liquor Control Commission

The Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) is in charge of issuing State liquor licenses. Their mandate is to grant or withhold an alcohol permit as per the provisions of the Illinois Liquor Control Act. That means they enforce rigorous criteria that involve obtaining ownership and local licensing information and assessing the owner’s sales tax history and tax status. Applicants must provide photocopies of their local liquor licenses, their Federal Employer Identification Numbers (FEN), their Sales Tax/Illinois Business Tax (IBT) numbers, and certificates of insurance if any alcohol sold is consumed on the premises.

The Retailer’s License costs $750 and must be renewed annually.

For more information on obtaining a license, see the ILCC’s FAQ here:

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