Learn About Illinois Truck Stop Gaming Requirements

Truck Stop Gaming Can Make You a Lot of Money

Illinois Truck Stop Gaming Requirements

Put yourself in the seat of a trucker, looking for a break from the road. As he contemplates which travel centers to pull into, he considers basic amenities like showers and tasty, nourishing meals. He’s also looking for entertainment, and if he’s like many of us, likes the appeal of video gaming machines and the chance of hitting a big jackpot.

Video gaming terminals (VGT’s) provide a substantial revenue stream to your Illinois truck stop, especially if you are open 24/7. Truck stop VGT enterprises tend to earn 1.5 times as much as bars and restaurants offering VGT’s, and it wouldn’t be unusual for your gambling machines to bring in more than $100,000 a year in commissions. But to generate that revenue in accordance with the law, you need to understand Illinois truck stop gaming requirements and regulations.

Illinois Truck Stop Gaming Requirements: The Basics

When first determining how video gaming was going to work in Illinois, the State government specified four types of establishment that could offer video slots: liquor-pouring establishments (bars and certain restaurants), veterans’ and fraternal organizations, and truck stops.

To be fairly and uniformly enforceable, the law likewise had to define what constitutes a truck stop. There are five main criteria that define a VGT approved truck stop.

  • The truck stop sells at a minimum an average of 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel or biodiesel fuel per month;
  • There must be separate diesel islands for fueling commercial motor vehicles;
  • There must be designated parking spaces for commercial motor vehicles;
  • The truck stop must contain a convenience store;
  • The truck stop must be located on at least three acres of land.

Illinois Truck Stop Gaming Requirements: Large Truck Stops

In June 2019, the Illinois legislature passed a law that elaborated on its definition of a truck stop eligible to offer video slot machines by creating a new classification for large truck stops. A large truck stop can offer up to ten VGT’s. This is more than the previously defined regular truck stop, which can now offer a maximum of six games.

To be considered a large truck stop, an establishment must meet all the requirements for a regular truck stop, along with the following criteria:

  • It must sell on average a minimum of 50,000 gallons of diesel fuel or biodiesel fuel per month;
  • It must be situated within three road miles of a freeway interchange.

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If you own a business that qualifies as a truck stop or large truck stop and would like to add video gaming, we invite you to contact Universal Gaming Group today. Our experts will help you through the licensing process and get your VGTs up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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