How I Help Our Customers Win, with Carmella DiZeo

This week we’re speaking with a key member of Universal Gaming Group’s account management team, Carmella DiZeo, to look at how she helps Universal Gaming Group partners succeed with the industry’s best customer service.

What brought you to Universal Gaming Group?

My background is in casino marketing and player development, and I previously owned a successful neighborhood bar. These can all be tough businesses and I really wanted to find a way to help people succeed. When I came across the opportunity at Universal Gaming Group, I knew I could bring all of my knowledge and experience in one place to really make a difference. From understanding the ins and outs of the gaming business to managing hospitality staff, it all comes together perfectly when working with our customers to create a premium experience that helps their businesses grow.

What are some challenges businesses face that you help them solve?

Just about every business owner wears many hats so it can be challenging to stay focused on all of the priorities while also creating a great experience for their customers–and this is my specialty. 

With my background, I understand how stressful and overwhelming managing a business can be, so I’m able to roll with the punches, so to speak. Gaming can be a huge benefit to business owners–providing entertainment, repeat customers and, of course, extra income. It’s a big value-add for their business that lets them focus on everything else they know they need to do, and I I love that I can manage that for them from top to bottom. They don’t have to think about it.

What does client relationship building mean to you?

True relationship building is working with the people behind the business. I want to know about your families and friends, goals and hobbies, and plans for the future. When I sit with clients, I want to meet them where they are as human beings. Everyone should feel respected and seen, which helps the actual business side run smoothly because we’re on the same page. I understand what they are driving toward, and I’m invested in helping them get there. There’s something so rewarding about working with our clients to create an environment where both the customers and the business can thrive.

What makes a successful business in this industry?

Customer service and satisfaction are the most important factors to consider when managing a business in this space. The more you can get to know your regular gamers, the more you get an idea of what they need to truly value your business. There are also the very basic pillars of success like maintaining a clean and friendly gaming space, offering reliable machines and equipment, and being a contributing member of the community.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve seen customers face and how have you helped them overcome them?

Much like any other industry, business owners tend to focus on how they compare to other businesses in the area. But when you’re too focused on what other businesses are doing, you might not know what your business is doing. 

My goal is to find what each business has to offer and work with them to promote their strengths and help them get a better understanding of their customers. The best fuel comes from within.  By sticking to your company goals, and outcomes, you’ll find success more quickly. 

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