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Learn where to find the top video gaming locations in Illinois right here! The very best IL video gaming establishments can be found on our map. If you are interested in opening a slot machine business or need more information on how to obtain a gaming license, please email us at or call 312.455.0844 to speak to a Universal Gaming Group representative.

Sweepstakes and Promotions

At UGG, we are one of the few terminal operators that run regular sweepstakes with our partner locations. Our strategic promotions are designed to keep your players engaged year-round and drive increased traffic during peak gaming seasons. In addition to large-scale sweepstakes, we also create personalized and fun promotions tailored to each location’s player profile.

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Summer Shopping Spree


12 Days of Giveaways


Types of Video Gaming Establishments

Learn more about the type of establishments for any Illinois video gaming location


Café establishments, also known as video slot parlors are perfect spaces for video gaming locations. These establishments give you a feeling of a private small casino. Café’s are slot machine-focused and typically serve a limited selection of alcohol along with some food or snack selections.


Restaurant establishments are the full-service package of food and entertainment. These gaming locations in Illinois offer a full menu selection, alcoholic drinks, and may have additional entertainment other than slot machines.


Bars refer to any establishment that serves predominately alcohol and no food. With a great selection of beverages, these slot machine locations also offer entertainment such as; bands, pool tables, dartboards, and of course slot machines.

Fraternal Clubs

These clubs offer a variety of entertainment, services, and slot machines. These can include American Legions, Elks, and Moose Lodges. Although the Moose Lodges are typically members only, they serve a great place for video gaming near you.

Truck Stops

Truckstop video gaming locations throughout Illinois are unique and must meet a number of specific requirements, including a minimum lot size of 3 acres and monthly fuel sales in excess of 10,000 gallons.



Recently, new ways of obtaining gaming licenses have been making their way into the slot machine world. We have video game locations such as convenience stores, laundromats, and hair salons! Have an idea? Reach out to us today!

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